Helping you take the next steps in your creative journey

I love helping people with their creative endeavours. Whether it’s through my work managing bands and social media, event running or design commissions, I’ve developed a variety of skills to help aspiring creatives make the next step in their career.




A huge part of what I do comes down to my roots. The skills and work ethic I’ve developed have come from my involvement in the New Zealand hardcore scene. This underground community revolves heavily around learning to make things happen with a DIY ethic and going to extreme lengths to make sure events can happen for the scene. The hours of effort I have put into the scene has helped me develop a strong work ethic for getting things done and a passion for helping out my community. This translates into the work I do now as I work my hardest to make sure my clients are happy with the results of my efforts.

Outside of my work, I perform and create my own music; drumming in the band Severed Beliefs as well as working on my own solo project under the alias of DEATHTRIPPA.